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Simanas Venčkauskas


Simanas Venčkauskas

AI Developer, Musician, Enterpreneur, Adrenaline fanatic,
Husband and Daddy of 3 little ones.

Meet me online:

"It's the greatest thing that I ever created!"

Thank you for visiting PhonicMind. Aside of my family, this is one of the greatest thing’s that I have ever created!

It has started when I was just a kid. Times where tough for me , parents divorced, crime and depression was all around where I lived. But I have quickly learned that there is no better time to get deeply involved in to something that gives hope for a better future. If you harness it correctly, times like these allows all of the fear and sadness to be converted and magnified in to something that is beautiful, pure and profound.

It was Nineties. To avoid depression and fear I started playing all kinds musical instruments. Had a few teenage bands formed, played trumped in local orchestras, started DJ’ing and composing my own music.

At the same time I got obsessed by computers. I was spending all of my spare time after school ether playing music, making it or fiddling with computers. I didn’t cared about anything else at all and it was great! :)

Few decades later PhonicMind – first AI based Vocal Remover and stems maker was born! It’s all because of these two passions that drove me out of difficult times which I am still obsessed about until this day. Music helped to stay happy and motivated, while working with computers provided income.

I have created PhonicMind for people like myself. For those willing to experience music not only by listening to it, but also by playing or singing along favorite songs. I believe that music has the greatest healing power of all the things that humans ever invented. The more you are in it, the better it works!

I really hope you will like the results of my work and find this service useful in your musical journey.

Thank you all for your great support.

HiFi Vocal Remover Evolution

How to remove vocals form a song?

This has been a question and a problem that many people asked for many years.

We have asked that question as well. Just as everybody does we started with a google search. We quickly ended up with a great list of offers and advice on how to do it. The search results ranged from integrated audacity vocal remover functions up to dedicated vocal removal software and from free solutions to paid ones. We have tried and tested every single one of these vocal remover practices, but none of them were up to the quality standard that we wanted. In fact, most of the vocal elimination techniques were totally useless, not being able to remove vocals at all or only capable of removing some of them while leaving half of the vocals on the original track. Partly removed vocals might be good for singing on top of instrumental versions as you have some vocal reduction, but generally it is not good enough if you use quality audio equipment.

A perfect challenge for modern AI

Coincidentally, we were not just regular musicians or music producers looking for vocal isolation software to run against our favourite songs, we were also AI geeks! So, what we found instead, was a challenge!
This led us to the question, “why don't we quit our daily jobs and commit to building the best vocal remover of all time?”. It seemed like there were many people looking for this kind of service at the same as we were. We were sure we could do it, it would only take countless hours of work, a lot of expensive GPU powered computers, taking a loan and perhaps selling our cars and a kidney. If we achieve it, then it should pay off. If not, then we have probably totally screwed up. Does it sound like a risk worth taking? Hell yeaahh! :)

We took that risk in the autumn of 2016 and started working day and night on this project. We became obsessed by the idea that AI should be the ultimate answer to this problem!

First AI Powered Vocal Remover

The year later in 2017, we introduced the first AI powered online vocal remover service in the world! We named it - PhonicMind. Very simply put, just because it understands audio. It's quite an experience to create something that really understands audio and can quiet accurately decipher between what is a human voice and what isn't. It was not as advanced as it is now, but it was way ahead of anything that was possible at that time and we were so proud of it just as we are now.

We kept on working on our vocal remover day and night. The vocal removal quality was great, but still not always 100% perfect on every song. It seems like other companies saw our success and tried to do the same, so we realised that we had some competition in the market. Well, the competition is great and we welcome it. Being in a competitive market doesn't allow you to rest on your laurels, so we kept on working and improving.
We used various karaoke, instrumental, acapella and vocals samples uploaded by our clients to train our AI even further by using reinforced learning techniques. Along with countless adjustments to our neural network, this gradually evolved in to something that was really impressive. Not 100% perfect, but definitely the best vocal remover available. People started using our service as a benchmark to other vocal separation services and techniques. This was quite pleasing to see and still no other services or software was able to beat us in vocal isolation quality!

Still, this was not enough for us. We wanted to turn PhonicMind into something even greater! If we already have AI which understands music and can remove vocals from any given song like a human being, why don't we program it to separate drums, bass and other instruments as well.
The new challenge was set and we continued working with our baby PhonicMind’s AI.

Evolved in to Stems Maker

Another year passed and in 2019 PhonicMind evolved in to a stems maker. This was again a hit for our long-term users and new clients as the overall vocal separation quality slightly increased again, and now we were not just a vocal remover. PhonicMind became something much much greater. Now you can not only remove vocals from a song, you can also remove drums isolate bass or other instruments. You can create amazing remixes, play drum tracks or the lead guitar track of your favourite song. One of our clients said - "It's a game changer!"

So how to remove vocals from a song? Well it's easy now! Simply upload your song to our vocal remover and you get a stemmed version of your song where you can remove not only vocals but also drums, bass and other instruments (sounds like a bonus)! It's been quite a ride for us, but now it's easy! Whenever you want an instrumental version of your song, acapella, karaoke, minus one, beatless or whatever else we unaware of. Simply drag your song, drop in to our service and you will have it in a matter of minutes!

State of the Art

PhonicMind is a State of the Art Vocal Remover evolved in to a State of the Art Stems maker that you can use as a karaoke maker, acapella maker, minus one maker, instrumental maker, beatless songs maker and everything else that you can think of!

We are extremely proud of our product and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

The PhonicMind Team