Legal Disclaimer

This page describes legal disclaims that applies to all the services provided by website.

Disclaims on Services Quality

We provide real world samples of our services, to get a good understanding on what you might expect from one or an other service presented here on website. All services sold on website are presented and sold as is. Results might vary from one media item to an other, because of the pure nature of Artificial Intelligence.

Refund Policy - NO REFUNDS!

There are no refund options on any services purchased on website as all of our services includes high computational costs. By purchasing any service or software product from website you agree and are subjected to no refunds policy. Make sure you check provided examples before you make any purchase. If you do not like them, please do not buy.

Disclaims on authorship of audio tracks is just an audio processor. We do not take any responsibility or authorship rights over what our users upload to our site. We do not review or republish audio tracks uploaded by our users. Uploaded tracks are only available for people who uploaded them. We do not publish and do not use these tracks anywhere except for giving back as a processed result back to our service users. Our users takes full responsibility for not breaching any copyright and authorship laws when using our service or end results of our service.

Business information

Simanas VenĨkauskas self employed business (computer develompent)
Nemuno g. 10, Kulautuva, Kauno raj. LT-53477, Lithuania