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[Example] Charlie Millikin - Take Control

Welcome to PhonicMind: Your Premier Source for AI-Powered Online Vocal Removal and Music Isolation in 2024

Transform Songs into Instrumentals, Acapella, and Minus One Tracks Online with AI

Have you struggled to remove vocals from songs? You're in good company. Musicians, DJs, and karaoke enthusiasts often find traditional vocal remover options lacking in quality and precision.

Enter PhonicMind, your one-stop solution for AI-based vocal and voice isolation, and custom karaoke creation.

Why Choose PhonicMind for Vocal and Music Isolation?

  1. AI-Powered Vocal Remover: Leverage state-of-the-art AI technology for precise vocal and voice extraction online.
  2. Versatile Karaoke Maker: Easily make karaoke tracks, acapella versions, and minus one formats for versatile applications.
  3. User-Friendly Instrumental Maker: With our intuitive interface, isolating instruments like drums and bass has never been easier.

The Evolution of PhonicMind: From AI Vocal Remover to Comprehensive Music Extractor

In 2016, our journey to create the ultimate online AI vocal remover and karaoke generator kicked off. With significant investments in high-performance GPUs and machine learning techniques, PhonicMind has continuously refined its algorithms.

FBy 2017, we had unveiled the industry's first AI-based online vocal and voice remover. But we didn't stop there. Focused on becoming the industry standard, we've leveraged user-generated karaoke, acapella, and instrumental tracks to train our AI for even higher performance.

As of 2019, PhonicMind transformed once more, now providing professional-grade isolation of vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments. Today, we continue to set the benchmark for AI vocal removal and music extraction quality.

Ready to Transform Your Music Experience?

PhonicMind simplifies the process of removing vocals and creating karaoke tracks. Beyond vocal isolation, our AI technology also allows you to separate drums, bass, and other musical elements for your unique audio compositions.

Take the first step towards unlimited audio possibilities. Upload your track today and experience the future of AI-based vocal removal and music isolation!

PhonicMind: The Ultimate AI Vocal Remover, Acapella and Karaoke Maker.

PhonicMind: The 2024 Leader in AI Vocal Removal, Music Extraction and Karaoke Creation!

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Extract vocals and practice your favorite song until perfection.

PhonicMind vocal remover play instrumentals


Remove music and practice playing your beloved instrument.

PhonicMind vocal remover mix music


Download .stem.mp4 file and use it in DJ software or hardware like Native Instruments.

Simanas Venčkauskas


Simanas Venčkauskas

AI Developer, Musician, Enterpreneur, Adrenaline fanatic,
Husband and Daddy of 3 little ones.

Meet me online:

"It's the greatest thing that I ever created!"

Thank you for visiting PhonicMind. Next to my family, creating this AI-powered online vocal remover has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

I was drawn into the worlds of music and technology during challenging times in my childhood. With divorced parents and surrounded by societal hardships, I found solace in harnessing the power of music and computer science to build a better future.

Finding Hope Through Music and Technology

It was the Nineties. To combat depression and anxiety, I immersed myself in all forms of musical endeavors. I was part of teenage bands, played the trumpet in local orchestras, started DJ’ing, and began composing my own music.

Parallel to this, I developed a fascination for computers. My days were split between creating music and exploring the endless possibilities of technology.

The Birth of PhonicMind: The AI-Based Vocal and Music Extractor

Fast forward to today, and my two passions have coalesced into PhonicMind—an AI-based online vocal remover and stems maker. It's a testament to the resilience and creativity that helped me overcome challenging circumstances.

I designed PhonicMind for individuals like me—those who wish to experience music beyond mere listening. Whether it’s to isolate vocals for karaoke, extract instruments for a musical project, or remove vocals from songs for various creative uses, PhonicMind has you covered.

Why Choose PhonicMind for Your Music Journey

Music has an unparalleled healing power, and I believe that engagement—be it through vocal isolation, creating instrumentals, or any form of musical interaction—amplifies its benefits. That's what PhonicMind aims to facilitate.

I sincerely hope that PhonicMind's AI vocal removal and music extraction online services bring you joy and utility on your musical journey.

Your Support Means Everything

Thank you for your incredible support. It’s your enthusiasm that helps us continue to evolve as the go-to platform for online AI-based vocal and music isolation in 2024.